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Excessive drinking linked to high sexual assault rate, study shows

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A 2009 anonymous health survey given to Washington and Lee undergraduates shows that about 18 percent of female respondents have experienced rape or attempted rape. That’s two times the national college average for sexual assault, says Dr. Jane Horton, Washington and Lee’s director of student health. The report shows that 39 percent of undergraduate women attending Washington and Lee responded to the survey- 341 women in total.

“We feel comfortable that our survey is representative of our students’ experience here,” said Horton.

Commonwealth Chronicle reporter Cameron Steele takes an in-depth look at sexual assault at Washington and Lee as part of an on-going investigation about gender relations on local college campuses. To watch the package and hear Steele speak on the Rockbridge Report broadcast about her in-depth series about gender relations and sexual assault at local colleges, click the video below.